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Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy, #1)Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
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I’ll do my best to not give any spoilers, because it’s critical that in a book like this, you do not anticipate the surprises. To make things easy, if you are wondering if you will enjoy this, you will. It’s a very good novel with believable characters (except for Jerome, who I liked - no, I loved, but could use a few flaws) and it might not have you bite your nails as short as Holly does, but if you aren’t nervous in the last two hundred pages or so, you might want to check your vitals.

What a great romp! Stephen King lets the pot simmer for a while, letting the reader (who watches both sides of the story) second-guess the protagonist Det Ret Hodges and acquire familiarity with the villain, who (not a spoiler) hides in the open. When the chips are down, though, it’s Hodges and those who help him that take the real chances.

I guess my only complaint is that the villain seems a bit too cookie-cutter: mommy issues, lonely geeky computer guy, et cetera. It's a bit too easy. Just as Jerome could use a few flaws, Brady needs some redeemable assets.

There are some factors I see as improbable regarding (security procedures at events cannot be so flimsy, can they? Please say no) but the story doesn’t suffer that much. Mostly what you get at the end is the happiness that the idea of self-sacrifice is alive and well and that people do give a damn, especially when it counts.

Anyway, thanks for a wonderful story and the endearing characters! I’m really glad to have enjoyed this delightful carnival ride. Once again I know what it feels like when Stephen King loves you his way! :-)

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Stephen King nailed this one. Good story and well told!


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