Goodbye Poem

Adiós, ciao, au revoir
Adeus, hamba kahle, Hwyl fawr
Adieu, namaste, shalom
A salaam alaikum
Adéu, peace out, addio
Hasta luego, até logo
Slán go fóill, Viso gero
Paalam, hüvasti, Αντίο
Bon voyage, totsiens, hyvästi
Aloha, Arrivederci
Salve, hiragana, zàijiàn
auf Wiedersehen UND... 
auf Wiederemailen
Bon voyage, vale, deuces
Chalky blokes, I’m bout to dip
Ta Ta, muthafuckas I’m out

Mama Gabrielle, Alaina, Ally, Donna, and Justin: Thanks for sharing all your stories. I really enjoyed this time together. You can email me from the blog if you want to meet up and you can't find me through the wc system.



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