Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Irma, please don't destroy Florida. Instead, take the Holy Land Experience.

Here is Irma, a Category-Five hurricane barreling towards the Lesser Antilles, projected to arrive off the coast of Florida in three days:


 Irma is a horrible storm. It will no doubt cause horrible damage, and, for now, it's coming first to us.

 America and Florida, in particular, has a lot of reasons to deserve to be pummeled by a storm, but maybe one of our crassest places is this abomination, as seen in Religiosity.

I'm not even religious, and even I am offended by a cardboard Jesus in a lake. It just doesn't speak to my soul.


Every day Jesus is crucified.

And, this is a real-life theme park. Here's the map.

Please, Irma, be kind. Take your anger out on the Holy Land Experience and leave the poor people of Florida alone.

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