Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sooooooo... What is this place anyway?

Since the message that describes the blog is limited to 500 characters I thought the first post should be a summary of what I intend to do in this nice shiny place. There seems to be a lot of room here, so let's get right to it.

I am a citizen of Earth who currently lives in a small part of Florida, in the United States. I've lived in California and BraSil (meu Brasil é com 's'), and I spend a lot of time in Europe, especially Switzerland, which has the answers for the question, "How should we govern?" and "How should we run a business with integrity?" More about Switzerland later.

Before I talk about what I'm going to talk about, let's spend some time talking about what I'm not going to talk about:

(1) I have family, but I don't plan to mention them much here, because I respect their privacy. If they want to talk about what they think, post pictures, whatever, they have at least a dozen ways to communicate their message better than I ever could. So, for the record, I am married and have two sons, but that's all folks.

(2) My day job is also a night job. I write computer software and I think I'm pretty good at it, but my computer is constantly at war with my self-esteem in this regard. I might talk about computers, but I'll never discuss work here. Again, I respect my coworkers privacy, but for the record, I will say, I have a pretty cool job.

Now what I will talk about:

1. My predawn job. I read and I write. I love to do both. Sometimes I'll finish something and I might add it here for your perusal and hopeful enjoyment.
2. Music. I love watching live bands perform. My favorite band is Phish, but I have dozens of bands that I would go see. I also love to listen to live recordings and any of these I have, I'm willing to share.
3. Games. While there are some video games that I sometimes fall into and have to extract myself by my teeth (Damn you Civilization! ;-), I'm a huge fan of board games, because I love playing games with people. There are a lot of great board games and I'll discuss these here a lot.
4. Science. It's pretty cool that we know so much that we don't know. Occasionally I see something interesting and lose myself for a while inside.
5. Technology. The same idea... Especially when I find something cool to pass along.
6. Sports. I'm a dedicated fan of SPFC (São Paulo Football Clube) in Brasil (you'll get used to the 's') and in NBA basketball, I'm a fan of the Heat.
7. I mentioned books before, but I like movies a lot too. I'm not very much into TV shows - not a lot of time, though one day who knows? I don't like saying no to things.
8. Coasters. Let gravity take a break for a while.

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