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So when is the next grrm book coming?

When it comes. George R. R. Martin gets a lot of crap for not writing his 400,000-word novels quickly enough. If you read his blog, he is incredibly blasé about people bitching. I wanted to share this post by John Scalzi (Old Man's War, The Android Dream, etc) that addresses author productivity. Neil Gaiman said it more bluntly: "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch.” It must suck, but there are rewards too: Keep writing and make it fun!

Oxford Comma Reminder

A Fun Collection of Thought Provoking Stories.

Quantum Physics & My Dog Bob: stories by Pat Rushin My rating: 5 of 5 stars Quantum Physics & My Dog Bob by Pat Rushin consists of 2 novelettes, 6 short stories, and 2 pieces of flash fiction. Throughout the collection, beyond-the-pale characters are challenged by the day-to-day struggle of being human. What they learn is often transferable to real life. Piece by piece (word count): "Vow" (2300) - a man makes a vow of silence and keeps it. The day I read this I experienced the frustration of how my spoken words were often banal. My thought that day: Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all speak in character dialogue and avoid life's clutter? I often wonder whether my voice adds anything to the discourse or whether I’m just speaking automatically, drawing feathery response after feathery response but never adding depth. Also, if you are searching for a story where the protagonist is essentially mute, look no further. "This is Just to, Like, Clue You" (7100

The Obsidian Heart Brings Echoes of Empire into Focus!

The Obsidian Heart by Mark T. Barnes My rating: 4 of 5 stars Mark Barnes does incredible world building. It's extraordinary and many-layered, which can almost stun the reader with its complexity, at least that is how I feel reading the stories. On the other hand, there is no denying how many details he keeps in the air at once, and how they matter, which is a huge payback for the reader's investment. I didn't connect with his characters in the first novel of the series but in Obsidian Heart, there is so much loss and suffering. Barnes kills several of my favorite characters in the story, and the others aren't in very good situations at the end either. In fact, now I'm really looking forward to finishing the series because I'm worried about who will make it out alive. I'm also worried about the ambitions of characters I like. I'm stunned by the stupidity and greed of some characters, but more than that, it is the sacrifice of Indris's friends that

Two Appetites in Communion

FADE IN INT. CLUB - NIGHT It's a rave Halloween party at a club. In the pit, people dance in a dazzling light show. Lithe DESTINY, dressed as a psychedelic vampire, has captured the band's attention. They play to her as she to them, thrusting her hips, gyrating, flailing, all in perfect rhythm. She mesmerizes. A pentacle hanging from her beaded bra top catches the light. JON HARKER, 50ish, and his sidekick RENFIELD, a bit younger, squeezed against the rail in a box above the dancers, flinch as the reflected beam traces across their faces.                     RENFIELD           Thank heaven for little girls.                     HARKER           She's Felicity. Quincey dumped her.           Said she was too slutty.                     RENFIELD           So I'm drooling over your son's           reject. What does that make me?                     HARKER           Mortal and a man with great taste.           Can you imagine r

Always Check First.

A Contrast in Appetites

Out in front of the band, art in motion, she dances, her rhythmic whirling mesmerizing me. The light plays off her serpentine curves, and I realize I’m no longer watching the Halloween show I paid $40 to see, but her, Felicity, once my son’s girlfriend, dumped for being too slutty. I’ve been in fap rotation for months since my marriage with Jen hit the rocks. I begged her not to leave, swearing we could work out our troubles, but she moved in with a stockbroker a month ago. Since then, it’s been virtual dates with sympathetic social media friends, trying my luck (it is bad) with online dating apps, and that old standard: paying strippers for lap dances and pleading for more. Seeing Felicity, though, my skin tingles and my mouth goes dry. 'Too slutty' sounds like a cure for everything ailing me. From my vantage point, I perceive she is getting monumentally wasted. She dabs, hits g-pens, gobbles edibles, imbibes liquids, takes pills, smokes joints, and even has a beer. Cons