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If You Think Science Fiction Should Make You Ask Yourself Tough Questions...

The City in the Middle of the Night by Charlie Jane Anders My rating: 5 of 5 stars It's tough to review this one without spoilers and still convey the essentials, because the worldbuilding is so unique, so let me give a one-liner first and you can choose to move on if you wish: I give this an unqualified recommendation! Don't wait. Go read it. This is a brilliant story with identifiable characters (even the aliens) and a clever, twisted plot. AND, yeah, the world Anders creates is hostile, alien, and is written so you are immersed at once. I'll still try to avoid spoilers, but if I fail, all apologies... Great character-driven story set on a tidally locked planet, January, the target of human colonization, which is also the home of an intelligent civilization of the Genet, who are completely integrated into the forbidding planet's ecosystem. The story focuses on two pov characters, Sophie and Mouth (forever in pursuit of her real name... I especially liked how t

Talking Heads as a 3 piece band in black and white from Toronto 1977.

Talking Heads A-Space Gallery Toronto ON 01-27-1977 00:00:00 Artists Only 00:04:59 The Girls Want to Be With the Girls 00:08:41 The Book I Read 00:13:42 I Wish You Wouldn't Say That 00:17:26 Thank You for Sending Me an Angel 00:20:15 No Compassion 00:24:41 fixing the drums 00:25:50 Questions for Lovers 00:28:45 Who Is It? 00:31:33 Happy Day 00:36:19 Love -> Building on Fire 00:40:01 I'm Not in Love 00:45:47 Pulled Up 00:50:50 Psycho Killer 00:55:04 Take Me to the River 00:59:42 1-2-3 Red Light/ 01:01:40 Warning Sign Duration: 01:05:30 Codec: H.264 MPEG-4 AVC Video attributes: format: black & white aspect ratio: 4:3 picture resolution: 720x480 frame rate: 29.97 fps bitrate: 2465 kbps Audio attributes: sampling rate: 48 kHz bitrate: 317 kbps output: 2 channel mono Thanks to BFOQ for providing this historic recording.