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Eagle Longings in Contrast

African Sources of Candomblé.

Background interview by Africans of Brazilians. Initiation rites & creation myths:

Cartoon Yoruba Help

I am researching Yoruba as part of my candomblé studies. Sometimes it helps me to think as a child. That's how we learn our native language, right? So listen to the song behind the language, how the adverbs are stressed, the 'ke' before the numbers. "e ke so"


O Auto da Compadecida

I enjoyed the film (it's actually a 3-part mini-novela.) Production was primitive, and I think this was intentional to add to the backcountry setting. The screenplay was well written with great dialogue (all in nordestino caipira dialect) and excellent acting.

 I enjoyed seeing Lima Duarte as the Bispo. I remember him from Roque Santeiro, as Sinhozinho

 Here he was a bishop on the take. Fernanda Montenegro was Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida:

The principal protagonists are Chico and João Grilo:

Chico is a coward. João a storyteller who cannot help but lie--none of us can. Here is Chico's knife trick:

 Now for the downside. Aside from Fernanda Montenegro's brief appearance during the intervention on behalf of João Grilo and the people caught in his web, the only other female named character is Dora, the adulterous wife of the baker, and Rosinha, played by Virginia Cavendish (Mandrake and many more). Dora is played by Denise Fraga who was in Com Licença Eu Vou…

House of Shattered Wings -- A lush fantasy set in an alternative history post-WW1 dystopian Paris.

The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aliette de Bodard crafts a dystopian world in an alternate history where The Great War led to a earth-shattering conclusion forever crippling the civilized world. With its roots in fallen angels, where there is a market in their very skin, bones, breath, and “essence” (an addictive ingestible form of angelic power that gives a short-term boost in abilities while creating dependence and destruction to one’s lungs), the backstory and setting of The House of Shattered Wings is dark indeed.

The story is told in 3rd person limited omniscient with several point-of-view characters, principally Philippe, an immortal who has landed rather hard in the world, Isabelle, the Fallen who Philippe is harvesting for his gang as the story unfolds, and Selene, leader of the house of Silverspires.

A word about the houses, two of which we become intimate: Silverspires and Hawthorn. These are not JK Rowling type houses. In this bleak w…