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A Science Version of "Just Do It"

Stop Annoying Characters BEFORE They Creep Into Your Writing!

Annoying Things Characters Do That We Don't Want To Read About!

Feeling Small? Feeling Big? It's All A Matter of Perspective

JK Rowling is a Plotter

Adverb Hating Tonic

So adverbs get a lot of hate, especially the -ly ones, and worse than any, the ones on dialogue tags. A lot of good modern writers, Stephen King, James Patterson, and Brandon Sanderson among them, have argued against wide use of adverbs. Here are some dissenting opinions (and better advice): Adverbs Are Not The Enemy - Bad Writing Is The Enemy. The Avoid Adverbs Rule Is Very Wrong In short, any word that is the wrong word should be avoided. Every word matters. And you can make the argument that instead of using a weak verb and an adverb as a 'booster', it's better to use a strong verb that conveys meaning more succinctly. Better Verbs - But Don't Use Substitutes For Said Or Stephen King Will Send "IT" After You SO,  Just use the right word: Who am I to argue against luminaries like King, Patterson, and Sanderson? Nobody, but I don't need to. They use adverbs in their books too, sometimes even on dialogue tags; and, s

James Patterson Writes a Ton of Novels - The Murder of Stephen King Is One Too Many

This is just crazy. James Patterson just cancelled a novel on the eve of its release. This would be a tragedy for most writers, but Patterson has some slack in his rope. It would have been his 14th book  of the year (10 have been co-written): The book's title? The Murder of Stephen King Here's the story: The promo page now brings up a 404: Why would he do that? I mean... come on. It's a lot of work to write a novel. Look how much of your life you pour into it. Do you really want to be associated with a book that inspires some Annie Wilkes to take matters into her own hand? Anyway, I found this old interview where Stephen King gives opinions about best-selling stalwarts like James Patterson, Stephenie Meyer, and Dean Ko

Stephen King, John Irving, and J.K. Rowling at an event. Here are J.K. Rowling's answers.

Guest appearance by Salman Rushdie.

George R. R. Martin and Stephen King

This is like the Beatles and the Stones on the same bill.

Stephen King Advice on Creative Writing

I like a lot of what he says here, but so much of it seems atypical to my experience.

Script Abbreviations in Screen Writing

SCRIPT ABBREVIATIONS  ELS extreme long shot  MLS medium long shot  LS long shot  MS medium shot  MCU medium close-up  CU close-up  ECU extreme close-up  OS over-the-shoulder shot  2-S or 3-S two-shot or three-shot  POV point of view shot  ZI or ZO zoom in or zoom out  INT interior  EXT exterior  SOT or SOF sound on tape or sound on film BG background  SFX or F/X special effects (can be either sound or visual)  VO voice-over  OSV off-screen voice  DIS dissolve  MIC microphone  VTR videotape  Q cue (as in cue talent)  ANNCR announcer  SUPER superimposition

Remembering "Four Dead in Ohio"

Awkward Family Photo

Promotional Flyer

English Fun(?)

Best Picture I've Seen of the Planet Mercury

Where Should I Piss Anyhow?

Click this link to play a game for choosing your urinal in a men's room. Enjoy?

Forks in Motion (Flash Fiction - 500 words)

In Brazil they say you can make food fall from someone’s fork just by longing for it. Tatiane dismissed this notion, but only after thorough experimentation. Once certain, the failure became liberating, providing her with ammunition to sever the bonds with her clingy heritage. This need for cultural unfettering is real in America. Modern judgments being instantaneous, folkways are disadvantageous to retain. People are busy. Nobody has time to listen to anyone’s explanations, especially in outlandish accents. So when it happened, she told no one. Of course it wasn’t just the forks. Errant forks would have been fine. The voices were the problem. Spirits of candomblé manifested, circling storms around her, cavorting while she slept, following her to classes and her night shift. There she buttered bread. She poured her love into each delectable slice, adding fresh garlic, sliced green onions, and parmesan cheese browned like her skin’s caramel brûlée. “How come you care so much?”

This Story About Madeleine L'Engle Was Inspiring!

A Wrinkle In Time Click to read story about how A Wrinkle in Time was rejected many times before being published.