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Jabbed (Mar 2021, two months before I expected)

Ha ha. Charade in a graveyard mall People Crowds of people Virus murdering Mercury jab. Oh, you are so near. I want to know you better. I want to plumb and close your depths, Feel your latitude, Touch you because now I can inhabit your skin Let us trade lies and proximity All that we love, all we disdain: Giant gumdrop drinking fountains Handfuls of rock candy mountains Sustenance from our very marrows Juice of our juice in a vial Disease vector have-a-nice-day jab      beyond this lonely desert stretch people flower, rows and columns burbling human bouillabaisse surface still, sound incandescent Desire. Delight. soul-dragged, decadent, and oh so jabbed. Your useless lips too cracked to open  words too mean to say words mean too much to say words feed empty air you are so hungry, so lonely, but here you are  Jabbed. Oh my! Did I jab a skewed pattern in lipstick There on your forehead counter— Sixteen skewered by a wisp of smoke? Stiffen up. Yes you believe in my make believe. Love and

Amanda Gorman is a rock star poet.

Mr. President, Dr. Biden, Madam Vice President, Mr. Emhoff, Americans and the world: (ed. my stanzas and line breaks which are probably not right) When day comes, we ask ourselves Where can we find light in this never ending shade? The loss we carry, a sea we must wade. We braved the belly of the beast. We've learned that quiet isn't always peace And the norms and notions of what "just is," isn't always justice. And yet the dawn is hours before we knew it, Somehow we do it, Somehow we’ve weathered and witnessed A nation that isn't broken but simply unfinished. We, the successors of a country and a time, Where a skinny black girl descended from slaves And raised by a single mother can dream of becoming president, Only to find herself reciting for one. And yes, we are far from polished, far from pristine, But that doesn't mean we are striving to form a union that is perfect. We are striving to forge our union with purpose, To compose a country committed To a