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Nanowrimo Winner Status

Yeah, I'm proud! LOL. This novel was pretty tough at first, but once I recovered from the election, the need to rise above intensified. I forced myself to ask why I was making such difficult choices and commitment, when I am willing to let external events affect me. Bad as this year has been for America, the World, and all of us, the message needs to be grind harder and make the things real that we an. Once I thought of the sacrifices I had already made in committing to doing the book, I found the energy to go forward and bring Lyza to the end of her story arc. I did need to do a ton of last minute research about geology and it's probably not 100% perfect, but hey... it works well enough. I'm under no illusions. It's not really done. It's just a first draft, but the story is there and "just" is an enormous understatement. WOW!!!

Home Stretch Now

Looks About Right

Moving to the Climax Now

I have a lot of revision to do. This is truly an "ugly first draft", but the story is coming together as I write. Three more chapters to go, plus two intermission segments, altogether about 17000-20000 words, which can certainly be done in the 10 days remaining at this pace. This will indeed need a lot of work later though.

Lyza Is Really Turning the Corner - Keep Going, Girl - Bring This Home

I think I've really turned the corner on this one. I cannot write it fast enough. It very simply flows and I just have to write it down. Character led, just like it's supposed to be, and it's filling an enormous void in my fantasy world. A history is being created. I'm very happy about this development.

One Sign = Right On!

I love this image. The tables have been flipped. Where are the real Americans? Right here: This is what his mother Brisa Pinho told the Huffington Post: “The wall I speak of in the sign is figurative. [It’s] a wall of hate, racism, and xenophobia that if built in the years ahead, will be torn down by my son and his generation.”

Lyza Lives!!!

Only two days behind now! :-) Tomorrow Lyza leaves Vilory on her great adventure. By contrast, last year (when I also fell behind) I caught up on Day 14: I predict that I will not have difficulty hitting 50,000 words anymore, but I will have a hard time finishing the book in 50,000 words. It's an odd book, but I'm still only a third of the way through, and half the month is gone.

Progress Report - Lyza Still Lives (but was on life support)

Today's effort definitely helped. I've a good layout for the next chapter too. I think the book is coming along pretty well, even though it isn't precisely the story I wanted to tell. For a first draft, it's not too bad.

Nanowrimo Progress

I'm making fair progress, but I had plans to be farther along. Looking forward to a few more hours tomorrow.

Short Poetry

All I Crave Heavy hungry nights of strange appetites Lurid hunts through jungles of reward. Faces painted with hope. Inked by savage tendencies, proposals of bizarre possibilities, vivid promises of hard realization.  Satisfaction somehow, somewhere, somewhen. When all I wanted, needed. Lusted, starved for Heart, Head, Loins… Soul All alongside me. Right here. Immediate in bleeding time. Those last narrow grains of sand To be caught, held close, clutched, cried upon Me, busy searching for less than what I have. You in my empty bed