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Happy Birthday, Jerry!

You are missed, sir.

Distribution of Metal Bands in Europe

Ok, let's imagine that there are 4 band members in each band. That means about 2500 people per million in Finland. In other words, one in every 400 people of Finland, including babies, is in a metal band.  Hey, Sweden is pretty kick ass too. \m/

The Grind Show by Phil Tucker

The Grind Show by Phil Tucker My rating: 3 of 5 stars The Grind Show is an early novel by Phil Tucker that explores a world where demons cohabit with humans. Only a few human beings can perceive them, both through sight and esp. For other humans, these demon fighters are insane. Our protagonist is one of the demon hunters who gets a special unwanted gift from one of the "unclean ones," setting off a course of events that places him opposed to a bad ass mf demon controller. Positives: It's a long sequence of action from the beginning of the story until the end, which works here because it's a span of three days of high-speed insanity. The use of fragments, especially in the action, reinforces this mood. The fast pace is compelling and makes for an easy one-sitting read. There is also more going on than what is happening at the surface but the story ends without revealing much about the world. We don't know why there were angels or why they left or what a

UCF Production of Seminar

Seminar, a UCF Theater production I enjoyed the performance of Theresa Rebeck’s Seminar , a story about four aspiring novelists who sign up for a weekly writing seminar with a well-known literary figure, Leonard (played by Earl Weaver.) The four authors are Kate, Izzy, Douglas, and Martin. Kate, a feminist who reads Kerouac in the tub, but lambasts his work, is played by Alexandra Pica. Eranthis Rose Quigley plays Izzy, the nymphomaniac whose praised work is discredited by the others because of her affinity for blurring the teacher-student relationship with sexual grease. Martin, who so fears rejection that he doesn’t present anything until the end of the story and then rejects Leonard’s praise, is played by Logan Ayala. Finally, Sebastian Gonzalez plays Douglas, the only writer that has any semblance of success. Although I was most impressed by Mr. Weaver (especially the soliloquy in response to Martin’s attack), all the actors did a tremendous job. So, to appreciate th

H.P. Lovecraft Interview (thanks writebloc!)