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X2 Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

 This is the entrance to X2, one of my favorite coasters. Here I am in front of the metal and the danger sign.
So here I am a jamband aficionado getting off on Kanye West's new album: Why? Oh, because it's good. That's all.
So, one time back in the 80s, the son of a slave who wore no shoes was having a conversation with me on a porch in Sapucaia, RJ. We were talking about the moon, which was shining in the sky. I asked him if he knew that man had gone to the moon and he laughed and said that was impossible. This post is for him. :-) Here are the landing sites of the manned missions to the moon:
This is my favorite coaster at Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure. THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

Finally got to see The Heavy Pets

The Heavy Pets.
The universe is a hologram concept was conceived to explain how information that is sucked into a black hole can perpetuate. Consider this. You are next to a black hole. I am beside you. You get sucked inside. I know you are inside because I am outside and you are inside. That's real, right? No. I cannot know because when you or light or anything disappear into a black hole so does the information about you. It's like a Jasper Fford novel. You've been edited out of existence. So, this is an experiment to see if there is another possible explanation, a hologram one. It relies on measuring these things that are 10 quadrillionth times smaller than the width of a proton.
Saw Phish again. First time in 6 years.
The front leg of a Dytiscus water beetle. The structures on left and bottom are hair and the "large" structure top-right is a suction cup.
"Peacebone" by Animal Collective
What is the genotype and phenotype variation in humans? Here is a study to sort it out: The aim of the 1000 Genomes Project is to discover, genotype and provide accurate haplotype information on all forms of human DNA polymorphism in multiple human populations. Specifically, the goal is to characterize over 95% of variants that are in genomic regions accessible to current high-throughput sequencing technologies and that have allele frequency of 1% or higher (the classical definition of polymorphism) in each of five major population groups (populations in or with ancestry from Europe, East Asia, South Asia, West Africa and the Americas). Because functional alleles are often found in coding regions and have reduced allele frequencies, lower frequency alleles (down towards 0.1%) will also be catalogued in such regions.
I'm in Italy. That's the Mediterranean Sea.  (near Cinque Terre)

This is in the Serra in Brasil, RJ, Teresópolis

These were actually taken in Dec 2009.

Sooooooo... What is this place anyway?

Since the message that describes the blog is limited to 500 characters I thought the first post should be a summary of what I intend to do in this nice shiny place. There seems to be a lot of room here, so let's get right to it. I am a citizen of Earth who currently lives in a small part of Florida, in the United States. I've lived in California and BraSil (meu Brasil é com 's'), and I spend a lot of time in Europe, especially Switzerland, which has the answers for the question, "How should we govern?" and "How should we run a business with integrity?" More about Switzerland later. Before I talk about what I'm going to talk about, let's spend some time talking about what I'm not going to talk about: (1) I have family, but I don't plan to mention them much here, because I respect their privacy. If they want to talk about what they think, post pictures, whatever, they have at least a dozen ways to communicate their message better